La experiencia Logistics Experience

We take the logistics business to the next level!

LOGEX is a unique model of its kind, aimed at creating businesses through strategic ONE-ON-ONE appointments, specialized networking activities, knowledge and much more, in order to live a true #LogisticsExperience.

Welcome to the LOGEX. Now, be YOU.

At RX’s LOGEX, everyone belongs. We cultivate a culture of inclusion at all our events, where the very things that make each of us unique are celebrated. Our exhibitors, attendees, partners and event colleagues are people from a wide variety of backgrounds, who make our shows stronger and our collective experience richer. Now, be YOU.




Through 3 days, we mix our model business between one-on-one appointments, specialized networking, educational content and experiences, which will allow all our attendees to connect with professionals, collages and key people from the logistics industry, in a different and fresh environment.

Our value proposition is boost by meetings that achieve between high level suppliers with solution and logistics offer and fully qualified buyers as a decision makers with available budget to make business during the event.






At LOGEX we seek to contribute to caring for the environment, which is why we focus all our efforts on being a sustainable event, working together with organizations that, like us, seek to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment, through the implementation of sustainable measures, generating that green value to all attendees.

The Paradisus Hotel will be our host for the first year and it is recognized for its implementation of sustainable tourism processes, since it has measures for group events to take place within its facilities, such as Carbon Neutral Events.

The enclosure is part of the national establishments with Distinctive "S".