We lived an authentic success #LogisticsExperience!



Keeping the logistics community updated is essential, because a few months were enough to reinforce what we knew, logistics is essential in everyone's life, even to improve it.

Taking into a count the growth of e-commerce, personalized last-mile service and the current trends that surround the industry, we launched our value proposition with LOGISTICS EXPERIENCE – VIRTUAL LAUNCH to meet the most urgent needs of the logistics community and discover:

Where Is Your Business Now?

Our launch was carry out hand to hand with our ambassadors, logistics suppliers and an education partner, who connected with the audience the last industry trends.

Likewise, and considering the value chain that the transport industry has with logistics, within the framework of the Top Flotillas 2021 event, the presentation of LOGEX – Logistics Experience was made to the media and main ambassadors, in order to present our value proposition and generate real business connections to achieve a greater network between suppliers and potential customers in the logistics industry.