No. currently we will not be required COVID testing for entry the event; however, all our Logistics Suppliers must sign the declaration of responsibility and responsiveness prior to the event. If the government guidelines change, we let you know.

You can read the protocols and measures for our Logistics Buyers in the following link

The well-being of our show participants is our top priority. Therefore, we drew health measures and protocols on the guidance from domestic and international authorities that will be implemented during our event in order to promote a safe environment to conduct business, focused on: SAFETY PROTOCOLS / CLEANING AND DISINFECTION / PHYSICAL DISTANCING & SIGNALING / FOOD HYGIENE. You can read them in full here

The use of face masks will be mandatory for all our participants throughout the event. In case you require one, you can request a personal protection kit in the hotel lobby.

We will conduct temperature checks to everyone who enters the event. If someone displays more than one symptom associated with COVID-19, we will have a quarantine area where medical service will evaluate their symptoms and apply a COVID-19 test to those it deems necessary.

Logistics Suppliers will have 20 appointments on average. Each day prior to the start of the event all meeting rooms, including the hotel lobby will be disinfected by a steam cleaning sanitization process. Business meetings will be held in two 4-hour blocks with a break in between. This break allows the meeting rooms and hotel lobby to be disinfected before the start of the afternoon meetings.

Yes, all the tables where meetings will be held will have acrylic barriers. In addition, signage will be placed throughout the event to promote physical distancing in all meeting rooms, common zones, networking and special events zones, as well as the entrances and exits of the halls.

If you contracted the sponsorship of giveaways and/or promotional inserts, you must send the materials no later than August 15, 2022, packed (individually) and disinfected.